๐Ÿ“– Rules

Please follow these rules to make everyone's experience on CubeCadia better!


1.1 - No discrimination, disrespect or derogatory dialogue towards others.

1.2 - No harassment towards other players. This means creating unpleasant, uncomfortable for hostile situations by unwelcome dialogue. #2 - CHAT RULES 2.1 - Use English in main chat. Other languages must be in DMS / personal chat. 2.2 - We don't allow topics such as suicide, drugs, or other inappropriate topics. 2.3 - Racism or Homophobia of any kind isn't allowed. (+jokes) 2.4 - 3rd party fonts / symbols aren't allowed. 2.5 - Politics, religion, or any controversial topics are not allowed to be discussed on CubeCadia. 2.6 - We are a PG server, there is a swear filter. Bypassing filter or using non-PG words is not allowed. #3 - SPAM 3.1 - Spamming isn't allowed. This includes sending repeated messages 3+ times. 3.2 - Teleport spamming. This includes 2+ times tping to a player without asking. 3.4 - Spamming arrows, fireworks, or potions at spawn or in someones land. 3.5 - Spamming shop / selling advertisments over a long period of time, ie; under 45 minutes since last advertising message #4 - DDOS / DOX / SWAT THREATS / JOKES 4.1 - We take these types of things very seriously on CubeCadia, this will lead to serious punishment. #5 - ADVERTISING 5.1 - You are not allowed to advertise other IPs to encourage players to join other servers. 5.2 - Sending links of any kind aren't allowed on the server. (Unless asked to by staff.) #6 - GRIEFING 6.1 - Griefing other players builds isn't allowed. 6.2 - Griefing the world isn't allowed except in resource worlds! (Placing random blocks, liquids, leaving trees standing.) #7 - IRL TRADES / DEALS 7.1 - You may not trade items using IRL Value. #8 - SECURITY RULES 8.1 - You are not allowed to change your IGN or Skin to match someone else intentionally. 8.2 - Encouraging others to break rules. 8.3 - You are not allowed to share account info with others on the server. #9 - EVADING PUNISHMENTS 9.1 - You're not allowed to use discord to evade a mute that you got in-game 9.2 - Evading a mute by using certain commands. 9.3 - Evading a ban by joining with an alternate account. (Yes! We can see when you do.. don't do it.) 9.4 - Finding Loopholes in rules is not allowed and will give you the original punishment of that rule. #10 - HACKING / MODS / 3RD PARTY WARE 10.1 - You're not allowed to use anything that gives and advantage on players. This includes: clients, mods, 3rd part software, hardware, apps, scripts, or anything else that gives you an advantage from a normal Minecraft client. (Auto Clickers, Auto Placers, Auto Farming, Baritone, Scripts, or Bots for example.) 10.2 - X-Ray mods, texture packs, or software aren't allowed on CubeCadia. 10.3 - Allowed mods: Optifine, Lunar Client, Badlion Client, Full Bright, HUD's #11 - EXPLOTIONG / DUPING / GLITCHING 11.1 - Exploiting a plugin can lead to a severe punishment. 11.2 - Abusing Minecraft glitches on purpose is not allowed 11.3 - Duping using glitches on purpose is not allowed #12 - STEALING / SCAMMING 12.1 - Stealing from a base 12.2 - Scamming a player in any way #13 - INAPPROPRIATENESS 13.1 - Using inappropriate skins or names 13.2 - Inappropriate builds 13.3 - Inappropriate language 13.4 - Inappropriate books or map art #14 - BUILD DETAILS 14.1 - Lag Machines. 14.3 - Casinos / Gamble warps aren't allowed. 14.4 - Entity cramming isn't allowed.

#15 - PVP RULES 15.1 - All PvP Battles must be consented to by both parties unless in a PvP warp. 15.2 - Trapping somone to kill them is not allowed. (This includes TP Trapping)

#16 - SHOP RULES 16.1 - You may not put items on auction house for clearly unreasonable prices. (Ex: Dirt for $1M) 16.2 - Spamming auction house with lots of the same item is not allowed. 16.3 - Player Warps must serve a function for the server. (Ex: Fishing Platform, Shop, Town, Mobfarm etc) 16.4 - False / Joke shops aren't allowed. This means to advertise one item on a chest, but sell another. (This also means misleading playerwarps!) 16.5 - You may not re-sell other players books, banners, or map art. #17 - MISC RULES 15.1 - Gambling in any way isn't allowed. 15.2 - You may only use alternate accounts for voting, getting quests, and loading chunks. 15.3 - If a player requests you to leave their land, you must listen. 15.4 - You may not set home in someone elses land unless you ask for their permission first. 15.5 - False / Joke shops aren't allowed. This means to advertise one item on a chest, but sell another. (This also means having misleading playerwarps!) 15.6 - You may not re-sell other players books, banners, or map art. 15.7 - You are not allowed to go over the world border. 15.8 - You may not kill mobs in other lands. CLARIFICATIONS - Mods Allowed: Full Bright, Optifine, Shaders, Schematics (Not Auto Placing), and HUD's (Any mods you would like to see added? Make a suggestion on discord!) - Swearing isn't allowed at all. Using terms such as "AF" of "WTF" is allowed if it doesn't hurt anyone. - Advertising a shop on the Auction House is allowed as long as there is not more than 1 per player FOLLOW ALL RULES - Punishment for rules can lead to your account being muted, banned, warned, or other. NOTES - More rules could be added so make sure to re-check! - Punishments can range from a mute, to an IP-Ban! Check "/rules" in game for an assumption of how you may be punished.

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