๐Ÿ”ฅ Economy

This is all about money on CubeCadia


This section goes over where you can spend money, how you can gain money, and how to properly manage your money on CubeCadia.

Where to earn moola!

Mining / Fishing / Farming

Earning money on CubeCadia is fairly simple. The best ways is by choosing between mining, fishing, and farming. You can also earn side money by doing "/jobs"


Another great way to earn money is by creating a player shop. You can create shops by Crouching + Left Clicking on a chest with the item in hand that you would like to sell. Also, let players teleport to your shop by creating a player warp. "/pw set"

Auction House

Selling items to player can also be done on the auction house. "/ah" Sell an item on the auction house by running the following command with the item in hand that you would like to sell: "/ah sell {price} {amount}"


You can also earn money in a lot of other ways. Chat Games can pay extra money. Also you may want to consider dungeons since dungeon crates can store thousands of dollars for you to win!

How to spend your money

We recomend spending your money on things that will help you progress. So making purchases that will give you better tools and gear are the best options. If you are curious is there is a shop selling a certain thing use "/finditem TO_BUY {item name}" You may also create a player shop, then change the shop to be buying a certain product. (Look at your shop and us "/qs buy" Use "Average Shop Prices" to gain an idea on what items are worth the money.

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