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All the information you may need about Custom Mining on Cube Cadia!


On CubeCadia, you may notice there are custom items that drop when you mine certain ores, these are all part of our custom mining! This is a put together list of all custom mining information you may need.


Gems can be sold at "/mine shop" for money. These gems range from the most common, Peridot, and the rarest, Tigers Eye.


Fluxes will also drop when you mine ores. These can be sold at "/mine shop"


The other thing to drop from ores, are artifacts. These artifacts can be "discovered" by putting them in a slot on "/mine artifacts" While most things you get from Artifacts are not very good, you may get fossils.


Fossils can be obtained from Artifacts. These fossils can be put together in groups of 8 to create Vessels.


Vessels are essentially custom enchants for your pickaxe that can be made with Fossils. You will have to fight custom bosses to be able to enchant your pickaxe with these Vessels.


Requium orbs are needed to defeat a Vessel boss. If you put the correct requium orbs together, you will be allowed to defeat the boss.

Mysterious Dust

Mysterious Dust can be gained from mining ores. This dust can be put in a refinery to uncover what is inside.


A refinery is needed to create vessel, or discover what is inside mysterious dust. You make a refinery by putting a fence on top of a dispenser.


Oracles are side bosses that can be fought to obtain rare mining equipment. You can spawn an Oracle by charging up an Oracleite with diamond ore, and right clicking a Emerald Ore. These bosses are very strong, but can get you very good loot!

More Information

For a more in depth list of information, check out Pyro's wiki about it: https://pyrotempus.gitbook.io/pyro-plugins/pyromining/features

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