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All the information you may need about Custom Fishing on CubeCadia


Custom Farming is part of the CubeCadia experience! This is all the information you may need.


Growstations can be crafted by surrounding a flower pot with seeds in a crafting table. They can be used to grow custom plants, which you can buy at "/farm market"

Taking Care of a Growstation

Growstations need to be watered to keep growing your plant. Right click on it with a water bucket to water it. A full tank at base level will last 4 IRL hours. Once you level up in the plugin, you will also have to manage the biome they are in so that the temperature is not too warm, nor too cold for the plant to grow. Some plants will also require you to grow them in a certain world, ie; nether, or end.


Plants will grow from your growstation if you put a seed in it. You can sell these plants at "/farm shop"


You can purchase bushes from "/farm market" once you are level 5. Bushes can be placed down and they will grow a plant on top of them. This plant can be broken and sold at "/farm shop". Unlike plants / growth stations, these bushes do not require water or certain temperature to grow.


Farming tournaments, like fishing tournaments, will happen every 2 hours. These will challenge you to harvest the most of 1 type of vanilla crop, ie; potatoes, carrots, sugar cane, etc.

Custom Blocks

You can obtain custom blocks, which will change how your plants grow, by right clicking on a composter with a hoe.

Leveling up

Leveling up plays a big part in farming. You level up by harvesting crops from Growstations or bushes.

More Information

Ask players online, or suggest in our discord that we add it to the wiki!

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