๐ŸŽฃ Custom Fishing

All the information you may need about Custom Fishing on CubeCadia


When you catch fish, you may find custom fish. These are all apart of our custom fishing plugin!

Catching Fish

Most fish you catch will have custom lore. These are custom fish that can be sold at "/fish shop"

Fish Codex

Some fish that you catch will be rarer than others! Check out the list of all the fish at "/fish codex"

Fish Tournaments

Fish Tournaments happen every 2 hours. They will have different challenges that players will compete in to earn Fish Keys / Entropy / Money.

Fish Keys

Fish Keys can be used at "/warp fish" The fish crate offers the best fishing items, including the golden rod, with LURE 7!


Entropy is like the currency of fishing. It can be used to craft augments for your fishing rod. You earn it from fishing, or gutting your fish. "/fish gut"


Augments are custom fishing enchants that can be put on your rod. These enchants are crafted with custom fishing items. You put these items in a water filled cauldron, then punch it with your fishing rod. This will create the augment. Use "/fish augments" for a list of augments. Use "/fish augment" to apply the augment!

Custom Fishing Items

When you are fishing, you may spawn a crab. These crabs can be killed for Crab Scales and Crab Claw. You may also kill dolphins and squids for other custom items. All these items will be needed to craft augments.


Fishing totems can be created to buff your fishing in many different ways. Check out "/fish menu" --> totem.

More Information

For a more in depth list of information, check out Pyro's wiki about it: https://pyrotempus.gitbook.io/pyro-plugins/pyrofishingpro/features

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